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      [理論室報告] Model Lamb shift operator for a relativistic many-electron atom
      時間: 2019年07月16日 10:00
      地點: M830
      報告人: Vladimir Shabaev

      St.Petersburg State University

      摘要:A model operator approach to calculations of the Lamb shifts in relativistic many-electron atoms and ions is considered. The model-Lamb shift operator is represented by a sum of local and nonlocal potentials. These potentials are determined on the basis of ab initio calculations of the diagonal and nondiagonal matrix elements of the one-loop QED contributions with H-like wave functions. The derived operator can be easily included in any calculations based on the Dirac-Coulomb-Breit Hamiltonian. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated by comparison of the model Lamb-shift operator results for many-electron atoms and ions with exact QED calculations.

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      Prof. Vladimir Shabev is the head of Quantum Mechanic Division at Department of Physics, Saint-Petersburg State University. His research interests include: tests of fundamental theories in atomic physics, QED of highly charged ions, parity-nonconservation effects in atoms, electron-positron pair production in strong electromagnetic fields and also QED in supercritical fields. He was awarded Bessel research award in 2002 and National prize in 2018. He has published more than 200 papers which have been cited > 5600 times, his h-index is 45.