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      [青促會物理論壇(55)] 新型HfOx基鐵電存儲器 呂杭炳 研究員 [2019-09-09]
      [青促會物理論壇(54)] 逐漸睜開的中國天眼 姜鵬 [2019-09-06]
      An STM view on correlated electron systems: from heavy fermion metals to topological Kondo insulators Professor Steffen Wirth [2019-09-03]
      [青促會物理論壇(53)] 科研工作者的“跨界”之路 張宇識 [2019-08-28]
      [極端室學術論壇(43)] Modelling one-dimensional magnetism and optics Wei Wu [2019-08-26]
      [超導基礎理論和實驗技術系列講座(85)] Recent Progress in Two-dimensional Superconductors 王健 [2019-08-26]
      Floquet Higher-Order Topological Insulators: Dynamical Quadrupoles, Singularities, and Detections Biao Huang [2019-08-23]
      [光物理系列學術報告(第177期)] Broadband THz radiation via the inverse spin Hall and Rashba-Edelstein effects 齊靜波 教授 [2019-08-22]
      [軟物質物理重點實驗室系列學術報告(141)] Cellular Synthesis of Topological Proteinsa 張文彬教授 [2019-08-21]
      Many-Body Dephasing in a Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator Dr. Lingzhen Guo [2019-08-21]
      [表面科學論壇(115)] Multifunctional Electronic Devices Based on Transition Metal Oxide Prof. Yang Chai [2019-08-20]
      [軟物質物理重點實驗室系列學術報告(140)] Biophysical Characteristics of Revolving Biomotors, Asymmetrical ATPase Hexamers, single pore sensing, and RNA nanotechnology 郭培宣 教授 [2019-08-20]
      [青促會物理論壇(52)] 基于新型電子突觸器件的類腦計算研究 Prof. Huaqiang Wu (吳華強) [2019-08-19]
      Novel Magnetic Effects in Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Films with Graded Composition Professor Jacek K. Furdyna [2019-08-16]
      [納米物理與器件重點實驗室系列學術報告(131)] Electrons in Two-Dimensional Materials: Mobility and Chemistry Yuanyue Liu [2019-08-16]
      Majorana fermion revisiting and other Majorana's in condensed matter physics 虞躍 教授 [2019-08-15]
      [理論室報告] Fracton topological order 葉鵬 [2019-08-15]
      [光物理系列學術報告(第176期)] Emergent Phenomena of Domains and Domain Walls in Ferroelectrics: from ferroelectric synapse to tunable low-loss microwave devices 劉仕 特聘研究員 [2019-08-14]
      [固態量子信息與計算實驗室學術報告] Nitrogen vacancy center in diamond: a nanoscale quantum sensor for high pressure, and a novel platform to study out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics 祖充 博士 [2019-07-24]
      [超導基礎理論和實驗技術系列講座(84)] 拓撲序材料——有量子記憶的材料:理論和實驗 文小剛 [2019-07-23]