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      [理論室報告] Fermionic quantum criticality in fermion-bag inspired Hamiltonianlattice field theories Emilie Huffman [2020-01-17]
      Mg3Sb2 Based Thermoelectric Materials Prof. G. Jeffrey Snyder [2020-01-17]
      圖像型多通道自旋分辨光電子譜儀及相關研究 喬山研究員 [2020-01-16]
      [表面科學論壇(118)] 水在界面的結構、動力學和浸潤性 朱重欽 [2020-01-16]
      [先進材料與結構分析實驗室學術報告] Electron Microscopy of Structure and Spin Textures at Record Resolution Dr. Zhen Chen [2020-01-15]
      [先進材料室學術報告] 高能量密度鋰電池及其原位表征技術 張躍鋼 [2020-01-15]
      [軟物質物理實驗室系列學術報告(144)] Plasma wall interaction in tokamaks 丁銳研究員 [2020-01-08]
      [理論室學術報告] Global phase diagram of a spin-orbital Kondo impurity model and the suppression of Fermi-liquid scale Dr. YiLin Wang [2020-01-06]
      [青促會物理論壇(61)] 科學與藝術的湊合 吳寶俊 [2020-01-03]
      Stiefel-Whitney classes and topological phases in systems with space-time inversion symmetry Bohm-Jung Yang [2019-12-30]
      [理論室報告] Aspects of the SYK model 顧穎飛 [2019-12-27]
      葉片單晶生長的工程控制理論與實踐 李建國 特聘教授 [2019-12-27]
      [理論室學術報告] Simulation of Quantum Many-body Physics with Neural Network Representation Di Luo [2019-12-26]
      [微加工實驗室系列學術報告] InP/InAs Heterostructure Nanowires towards Telecom-band Optoelectronic Devices Dr. Guoqiang Zhang (章國強) [2019-12-26]
      [納米物理與器件重點實驗室系列學術報告(134)] Tunneling dynamics between superconducting bound states at the atomic scale 黃浩楠博士 [2019-12-26]
      [青促會物理論壇(60)] 基于二維層狀半導體的偏振光探測器 魏鐘鳴 研究員 [2019-12-20]
      [磁學國家重點實驗室學術報告] Hunting for spin-charge responses of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in pseudo-spin-half square-lattice Dr. Lin Hao [2019-12-20]
      團簇研究走向原子制造 宋鳳麒 教授 [2019-12-19]
      [極端室學術論壇(48)] Structural aspects of deformation defects in bulk metallic glasses Yang Tong [2019-12-18]
      New insight into high-Tc cuprates offered by photon scattering 李源 研究員 [2019-12-18]